During the film "Stretch", David Hasselhoff makes a cameo. For this scene the Hoff is  wearing very reflective sunglasses. Unfortunately the glasses are reflecting the crew and the camera. The second issue is that the glasses are semi- transparent and the Hoff's eyes are visible through the reflection.

As luck would have it.... later in the sequence of shots, the Hoff removes the glasses and nicely holds still with the same expression on his face. I was able to isolate his eyes and track them into the frames of the glasses thus removing the entire offending reflection.

Once I had a clean version of his eyes I was able to construct an appropriate reflection from shots earlier in the sequence that showed more or less the reverse angle of the Hoff's point of view.


With the new reflection built, and the Hoff's hands rotoscoped back over the top, I was able to color tint his new eyes the shade of the original rose colored glass . Viola, brand new reflection!