For "Men in Black 3" I was tasked with removing the arm of actor Jemaine Clement as it passed in front of his coat. This ended up being exceedingly difficult to do, as the coat has a difficult pattern to discern. The coat is constantly changing shape and moving in and out of motion blur throughout. Early attempts at tracking in patches proved to be unacceptable, so yet again hand painting was the only solution that finally worked. Once the arm was removed, a "cap" had to be tracked onto the end of the newly created stump.

Once the arm was removed and the cap was tracked onto the stump. Production asked that his arm be repositioned so that it was at a more relaxed angle. So I isolated the arm and some of the connected folds of the newly painted jacket and rotated them down with a warp.

Here's a side-by-side comparison between the original plate and my removal.

Once I had completed the grunt work of the removal, the final composite into the plate was completed by Sony Pictures Image Works.