For the Film "Men in Black 3" I was tasked with doing some intricate armature removal for Will Smith's Time Jump scene.  In the original Blue-screen you can see that there is a large motion gimbal attached to Will's side. There is a large harness under his suit to bear his weight an make him appear to be in freefall.

Due to the use of a large fan on set, Will's clothes are whipping around the arm of the gimbal causing every frame to be very different from the next. In most cases a paint out like this would use sampled information from the previous or next frames to reconstruct the missing information. Unfortunately this was not possible in this instance.  Begrudginly, after several other attempts that did not include hand painting every frame of cloth, I resigned myself to the enevitable and I hand painted every frame of his jacket.  I also removed the rest of the control arm from the gimbal

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the original Vs the paintwork I did.

Here's what Sony Pictures Image Works did with my completed Blue-Screen repair. ( I only did the grunt work, they got all the glory of finishing the shot!)