This is some of the work we produced for "Alternate History:  Nazi's Win WW 2" on the Spike TV channel.  We were tasked with recreating D Day with a small group of soldiers on a beach in Malibu California.  All tracer fire, muzzle blasts, explosions, smoke, bullet holes, squib hits, and mortar rounds were added .

Additional shots included a rather gory end to a distraught American taking the easy way out. The window glass, reflections (building and flag) and dripping blood and exit wound were all added. Historical footage of Americans landing on the moon was altered to include the Nazi flag.


Scenes in Times Square, set in the alternate future when Nazi's rule the US were built as an animated matte painting of Times Square. All of the billboards were replaced and re-themed with puns and sight gags with a decidedly Nazi tint to them. Greenscreen crowds were added as rioters in the street.