About me:



• I am an Emmy Winning VFX artist with over 20 years experience in Visual Effects , Pre-visualization and general wizardry in Feature Films and Television.


• I am a traditional illustrator, Sculptor, and Photoshop Master.

• I'm a hack-of-all-trades specializing in all manor of insane levels of compositing.

• I'm ridiculously creative in my methodology and really enjoy the creative, problem solving involved in this line of work. (Note, "insane" can be used to describe the vast majority of my personality.)


• I like to volunteer for shots that other people run away from, with the logic, that it will make a really awesome demo some day when it's done!



Things I've learned along the way:

-Shrinking a baby down to 80% of their original size is not easy.....but it is possible.

-guitar sized steel armatures that cover the entire back of an actress...aren't a good idea to use if the camera is pointed at her back.

- Putting a green sleeve on someone's arm that isn't on a green screen set, is pointless. Keying the green does not reveal the body behind it.



Specialties include:


• 2D Compositing
• Matte Painting
• Background Reconstruction
• Morphing/Warping/Warp Tracking
• Plate Correction/ Continuity fixes

• Illustration/Painting

• General Photoshop jaw-dropping-witchcraft
• Utter and complete miracles

Reddit: hackofalltrades